Сухинин Геннадий Иванович

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  • Институт теплофизики СО РАН, гнс (с 1978)


  1. Статья. G. I. Sukhinin An investigation of electrophysical and thermophysical characteristics of low-frequency low-pressure inductive discharge of transformation type. High Temperature March 2015, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp 179-187
  2. Статья. G. I. Sukhinin. Experimental and theoretical study of a low-frequency inductive discharge of the transformer type. - Thermophysics and Aeromechanics, 2014, Volume 21, Issue 5, pp 651-662
  3. Статья. G. I. Sukhinin Formation and dynamics of nano-particles in a stratified spherical glow discharge - EPL, 110 (2015) 15003  // EPL
  4. Статья. G. I. Sukhinin, M. V. Salnikov Influence of ion drag force on radial distribution of dust particles and void formation in a DC glow discharge. - EPL, 103 (2013) 35001  // EPL A model of the positive column of a DC glow discharge in argon with dust particles is
    presented. The model is based on the solution of the non-local Boltzmann equation for the electron
    energy distribution function (EEDF), the drift-diffusion equations for ions, and the Poisson
    equation for a self-consistent electric field. The radial distribution of dust particles density in a
    dust cloud is calculated according to an equilibrium Boltzmann distribution in the electrostatic
    field and under the action of the ion drag force. It is shown that if in the center of the discharge
    tube the ion drag force is larger than the electrostatic force, a dust-free region (void) in the central
    part of the dust cloud is formed. Otherwise (for a smaller ion drag force) the dust cloud is formed
    around the axis of the discharge tube without a void. In both cases, in the region of the dust
    cloud the ionization and recombination rates become almost equal to each other, and the radial
    component of the electric field is expelled from the dust cloud.
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